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Mon Fils A Moi (2006)

Director:Martial Fougeron Producer:Pascal Caucheteux, Frédéric Niedermayer Screenplay by:Florence Eliakim, Martial Fougeron   Music by:Fabrice Dumont, Frédéric Fortuny Cinematography:Giorgos Arvanitis   Edited by:Laurence Briaud Running time:1h 19min 

Country:Belgium , France Language:French Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring:Nathalie Baye ... La mère,

Victor Sévaux ... Julien, Olivier Gourmet ... Le père, Marie Kremer ... Suzanne, Emmanuelle Riva ... La grand mère


     เรื่องราวของคุณแม่แปลกๆผู้ข่มเหงลูกชายวัย12ปีของเธอ และความสัมพันธ์ทั้งรักทั้งเกลียดอันคลุมเคลือของ2แม่ลูก หนังคว้ารางวัลสูงสุดของเทศกาลหนัง San Sebastián International Film Festival 2006 (Golden Seashell) ไปครอง รวมทั้งนำหญิงยอดเยี่ยม (Nathalie Baye)

    Mon fils a moi is a French 2006 film directed by Martial Fougeron. The film is about an unbalanced mother (Nathalie Baye) bullying her 12-year-old son Julien (Victor Sevaux).

Synopsis :
A middle-class family in a small provincial town. The father is a university lecturer and the mother an OTT housewife, while the elder daughter is about to start university and the younger brother goes to school and takes piano lessons. The apparent family normality splits at the seams with the discovery that the mother has an ambigious love-hate relationship with her son that drives the boy crazy. This isnt a case of child abuse, but a detailed study of the conflictive psychology of a mother and the defensive, desperate reaction of her son.

My Son: Love and obsession

by Carlo D''Ursi

Having passed the halfway point of the 54th San Sebastian Film Festival, we are in need of a profound, radical shake-up.

Thus comes My Son (Mon fils à moi) by Martial Fougeron, another film on family, in keeping with this years festival theme, which pervades the screen and cinema with maternal love to the point of suffocation.

The first 10 minutes of the film full of constant and morbid hugs, attention and contact between a mother (Nathalie Baye) and son (Victor Sevaux) are enough to convey a sense of nausea that turns into claustrophobia and a longing to explode as the film progresses. It is truly difficult to believe that this is a debut film.

The screenplay, written by Fougeron and Florence Eliakim, is delicate, the cinematography striking, and the direction of the actors exemplary, unusual elements for a first film and ones that round out a truly interesting work.

Thus, is it possible to abuse a son with too much attention? When does love become obsession? Is it possible to love badly? The film fills us with anxiety, confusion and an enormous sense of liberation when we finally see the first and only act of rebellion by the victim, a son who for an hour and a half fends off the audience with silence.

My Son is certainly not a popcorn movie. It requires guts and self-control to withstand its devastating emotional power. On the other hand, European audiences will appreciate the efforts of this first-time filmmaker to enter into the depths of the films mother-son dynamics. This is a work that will not leave the jury indifferent.

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รางวัล:2 wins & 1 nomination.



Bratislava International Film Festival 2006

Grand Prix
Martial Fougeron 


San Sebastián International Film Festival 2006

Golden Seashell
Martial Fougeron 
Tied with Niwemang (2006).
Silver Seashell
Best Actress
Nathalie Baye 

family picture
Author: Armand from Romania
3 September 2012

a mother. her family. and her son. scenes from a war. picture of a disorganized family. more than a film, a scale of tension, emotions, desires. because the possessive mother, the disobedient son, the absent father are only masks of a society. the refuges - football, grand mother piano lessons, the girl friend , career are fragile refuges. essence - nuances of fear. the fear of mother for future failure of Julien. the fear of father front of every day events. the fear of son , like fear of each teenager to be out of circle. and the seed of fear - different definition of love. nothing else. only a precise beautiful performance of each actor and the subtle picture of each piece of crisis. a cold movie. but suitable for everyday bruises.

Smothering mother behind closed doors

Author: OJT from Norway
19 February 2013

Believable heart wrenching horrible unhealthy story about a mother too much in love with her son, smothering him with over-protection, and going even further. 12 year old Julien had his mother as best friend, or rather the opposite. He is his mother''s best friend. She does not know when to let go, and she does not know when to give him the needed space, not understanding growing up and going into puberty, and the trauma the boy feels by this.

Extremely well played by the two main persons. The mother is a mother from hell, played by a frightening Nathalie Baye. The father is ignorant to what goes on, being distant as many are. Julien, brilliantly played by Victor Sevaux, tries all he can to get away from home for a day or two, trying to make his mother love him less. It''s painful to watch. When his sisters addresses that Julien is not happy and well, she is ignored.

When mother finds a love letter to her son in the mail from his girlfriend Alice, she opens it with no hesitation, and reacts as jealous as it''s possible to do. The sister tells, and he finds the letter shred to pieces in the junk. He''s not allowed to do anything without the mother approving and telling in beforehand. And when he decides to show appreciation, she reacts like a psycho.

But after a while Julien is driven into a corner, and decides to act...

Diabolique, vraiment diabolique!

Author: Carlos Martinez Escalona from Mexico
1 January 2008

Turning the page from childhood into adolescence, Julien seems to be a very happy child with lots of things to do. A straight 20 (that''s A) student, a football player in the team that is preparing its next championship, a dedicated pupil of his own granny who teaches him piano and loves him dearly; a happy child starting a relationship with a girl at school.

With passionate and memorable performances of all the cast, definitely Nathalie Baye leads the pack with a terrific impersonation of Julien''s mother. A pity this time Olivier Gourmet had a small but very effective role as the father. Marie Kremer as Julien''s sister is fantastic, but Victor Sévaux as Julien is one of the best roles played by a child I''ve ever seen. He reminded me the amazing character of Ken Loach''s "Kes" or the powerful performance of Christian Bale in "The Empire of the Sun", or, maybe closer in time, Juanjo Ballesta in "El Bola", a film that deals with the subject matter of Mon Fils à Moi.

The script is written in the same vein as some of the Dardenne''s brothers films: fast cuts into expressions that tell even the text in the mind of the characters. Mme. Baye''s character is mesmerising, to say the least. One difficult role to play as a deranged over-protecting mother that relies in her power to determine her son''s fate. Absolutely diabolical and very disturbing.

This is a film that has the power of moving every fibre in your mind and heart, even physically. There is one scene of incredible tension that leads to the not so expected end where you will feel how your heart-rate increases dramatically.

Shot with lots of natural light and intelligent camera angles and movements, it never lets you go. A beautiful, difficult to watch film that will stay with you for a long time... and I mean it, it''s just too hard to see when love is turned into slavery and that slavery is justified as love.

These are the kind of films that have a brave approach to difficult subjects and give you the opportunity to discuss it many times.

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