Be pillow sales department Asami Yuma from 5:00 (2012)
(ไม่มีบรรยาย) (หนังAV)

Studio:Alice Japan  Running time:129 minutes Country:Japan Language:japanese
Release Date:2012/12/31  Genre: Adult Starring:Asami Yuma 


Set up health, and sales contributeThe pillow sales department of the flower, the Series second! Become the mannequin by oneself, and sell PantyhoseWhile by one piece can tear off clothes, add the number of the ordering. For the customer who does not accept a demand, be leg koki responsibility under negotiations table. Attend to the business partner where I flew into a rage with in a restaurantPut a circle in heavy SEX which pretended to have got drunk. Be approached indirectly by a customer and be unclothed while being puzzledFirst pillow business 3P.


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