Sex In The Russian Style (2005)

Director:Armen Oganezov Studio:SP Company Producer:Sergey Pryanishnicov  Running time:01:27:38   Country:Russia Language:Russian Genre: Adult Subtitle:None  Starring:Anna Rudakova, Julia Artemieva,

Alena Michailova, Marina Kuznetzova


Apparently according to the Russians, when youve got lemons make lemonade. And so it goes. In this film, sex the Russian way is that between consenting adults, no matter what the gender. On those long Siberian winter nights, it doesnt matter who one snuggles up with as long as together you generate some heat to ward off the frostbite. When all the frills and courtly garments come off, the word nyet disappears and one grabs onto the next warm body in the room


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