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Summertime Blue (1979)

Director:John Christopher Running time:69 min  Country:US Language:English  Genre: Adult Subtitle:None  

Starring:John Holmes ... John / Captain Tongue, Serena ... Candy Johnson, Eric Edwards ... George, Beth Anna ... Whipped Cream Girl,
Samantha Fox ... (credit only), Ron Hudd Ron Hudd ... Danny, Lynda Mantz ... Janice, Arcadia Lake ... Holly,
Clea Carson ... Party Girl on Couch, Roger Caine ... Party Guy on Floor, Peter Andrews ... Party Guy on Couch


หนังผู้ใหญ่ (Adult Movies) คลาสสิก ผลงานของ John Christopher นำแสดงโดย John Holmes, Serena


Two high school co-eds set on a series of sexual encounters to make their last night of summer vacation memorable.


Two delightful high school co-eds are determined that the last day and night of their summer vacation will be memorable. And memorable it certainly turns out to be as the girls reveal themselves to their lucky dates for the occasion, and the boys in turn graphically relive their summer experiences.

User Reviews

Now There Is a Cure for Those Summertime Blues !

by Dries Vermeulen
This otherwise fairly run of the mill late ''70s porno is elevated above the norm by an impossibly groovy disco soundtrack. For more info, check out the other comment and color me – for one – impressed ! Allow me to fill you in on some of the additional details as to some of the people on both sides of the camera. Director "Carl LaBlanche" was actually the late John Christopher, a modestly talented filmmaker responsible for flicks like BABE and VELVET HIGH. Cinematographer "Anna Riva" proves to be none other than exploitation queen Roberta Findlay and I''ve got a hunch that producer "J. Angel Martine", linked to so many of her directorial efforts, might be yet another alias for the lady herself. Everyone involved has done much better elsewhere but the cult reputation of many should assure a good deal of interest for the adult film aficionado and/or completist.

Brunette Arcadia Lake and blonde Jean Jennings (the one time Mrs. Joe Spinell and unforgettable star of Armand Weston''s incredible DEFIANCE) are high school girls on their last day of summer vacation. As they get bored waiting for their boyfriends to show up, they put on a disco record (a picture disc, actually, remember those ?) and shake their booty while stripping down. Can a lesbo liaison be far behind ? Nah ! I''ve got to admit the double dong (something dad brought back from his trip to Europe, Arcadia explains, which kind of makes you wonder about the guy) came as a bit of a surprise though. It certainly does to the girls'' paramours (stalwart studs Eric Edwards and Ron Hudd) who are sneaking a peek through the window, snapping shots for the school paper ! Once they make their presence known, the movie reverts to the "loop carrier" format as Edwards relates how his passion for photography landed him into various types of trouble whenever he turned his lens towards naked ladies. Cue the introduction of the film''s biggest star, in more ways than one, the late great John Curtis Holmes who plays Captain Tom, owner of the "Chug-a-Lug", a lovely little yacht that doesn''t have to leave the harbor to give you motion sickness, if you catch my drift ! First up is a below deck orgy centered around pretty, part Native American (so her lead in Ann Perry''s rather silly SWEET SAVAGE wasn''t a total put-on) Beth Anna who''s covered in whipped cream as she''s being mauled by Edwards, Al Levitsky a/k/a "Roger Caine", Shaun Costello''s "Dan McCord" alter ego. There''s another barely glimpsed actress in this scene, blink and you''ll be unable to identify her as Clea Carson, the stewardess living across the street from pervert Jamie Gillis in WATERPOWER, who performs here with massively endowed Peter Andrews, the waiter with Susan McBain in Radley Metzger''s BARBARA BROADCAST.

Legendary Serena is easy enough to identify. She plays "Candy Johnson" and, boy oh boy, she certainly likes short shorts ! She performs two scenes with the humongously hung Holmes (one on the boat and one outdoors) and while neither ranks among her all time hottest true genre fans will not want to miss out on this superstar combination. The leads get it on next. Exotic Arcadia (who died of a drug overdose some years later) works with then real life boyfriend Eric while Jean, looking a lot like Melissa Joan Hart (TV''s SABRINA), has Ron. While she did scenes with other women, Arcadia was pretty much a one man woman, meaning she was usually a second stringer. Whenever she did play the lead, it was usually in some low rent production like this or HONEY THROAT, Jeff Fairbanks'' terrific American PIE proving an exception to the rule. To fill out the brief running time, Edwards tells of how he caught his brother in flagrante with his black girlfriend. This was obviously some loop that had been lying around and it''s impossible to identify who''s in it as there''s not a single facial close-up as to preserve anonymity ! Shots of Eric snapping away are inserted but the striking difference in picture quality reveals that he was most definitely never in the same room.





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