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Boys (2014)
 (บรรยายไทย โดย มะม่วง

Director:Mischa Kamp Producer:Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs Screenplay by:Chris Westendorp, Jaap-Peter Enderle  Music by:Rutger Reinders Cinematography:Melle van Essen Edited by:Katarina Turler Running time:1h18min Country:Netherlands  Language:Dutch Genre:Drama, Romance  Subtitle:English, ไทย  Starring: Gijs Blom as Sieger, Ko Zandvliet as Marc,
Jonas Smulders as Eddy, Ton Kas as Theo, Stijn Taverne as Stef, Myron Wouts as Tom, Ferdi Stofmeel as Coach,

Lotte Razoux Schultz as Jessica, Rachelle Verdel as Kim, Julia Akkermans as Eddy''s girlfriend, Jeffrey Hamilton as Niclas,

Rifka Lodeizen as Marc''s mother, Micha Hulshof as snack bar owner, Caroline Olde Rikkert as perfume shop owner,
Roosmarijn van der Hoek as Neeltje




Marc & Sieger mv จาก แฟนคลับ:

รางวัล:9 wins & 6 nominations.



Cinekid 2014

Cinekid Film Award
Best Dutch Family Film
Mischa Kamp 

Giffoni Film Festival 2014

2nd place
Golden Gryphon
GENERATOR +13 Section
Mischa Kamp 

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2015

Jury Award
Best Narrative Feature
Mischa Kamp (director) 
Pupkin Film (producer) 

Lucas - International Festival of Films for Children and Young People2014

Best Youth Film
Mischa Kamp 

Nederlands Film Festival 2014

Dutch Film Critics Award
Mischa Kamp 
Golden Calf
Best Supporting Actor (Beste Mannelijke Bijrol)
Ton Kas 
Golden Calf
Best Actor (Beste Acteur)
Gijs Blom 
Best Director of a Feature Film (Beste Regie)
Mischa Kamp 
Best Cinematography (Beste Camera)
Melle van Essen 

Seattle International Film Festival 2014

Audience Award
Best Film
Mischa Kamp 

Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2014

Children''s Jury Main Prize
Best Feature Film for Youth
Mischa Kamp 
Golden Apple
Best Feature Film
Mischa Kamp 
Milos Macourek Award
Gijs Blom 
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
Mischa Kamp 
Golden Slipper
Best Feature Film for Youth
Mischa Kamp 


BOYS tells the story of Sieger, a sporty, rather quiet 15-year-old boy who discovers love during the summer holidays. Sieger is training in the new athletics team for the national relay championships and meets the intriguing and unpredictable Marc. The friendship that develops seems nothing out of the ordinary, but Sieger secretly harbours stronger feelings for Marc. He engages in a lonely struggle with himself when it emerges that Marc is also in love with him. With his best friend Stef, Sieger discovers a motocross track outside the village. Events soon take on a momentum of their own as Sieger quickly becomes involved with Jessica. At last, he counts for something in the eyes of his tough older brother Eddy, who is secretly using the track to tear around on a moped. Sieger keeps quiet about this to his father, who often clashes with the rebellious Eddy since their mother''s death. Sieger tries to make peace between the two, but his mind is elsewhere, as he finds it increasingly

User Reviews

Jongens (Boys) is a wonderfully innocent coming of age film.

Author: rjhouston from Tennessee, USA
9 March 2015
Boys is a 2014 Dutch (with English subtitles) made for TV film, starring Gijs Blom in the lead as Sieger and Ko Zandvllet as his love interest, Marc. It is set in the countryside and the cinematography is beautifully done. The storyline maybe tame by American standards but is solid and believable. Sieger is discovering his sexuality amidst dealing with the loss of his mother, over protective father and a rebellious older brother. Marc, confident and free spirited, is comfortable with his gayness and pursues a friendship with Sieger. The two are in training for the big upcoming track relay race. As the story unfolds we see the romance develop between the youths. This is a wholesome, romantic, first love story that will be enjoyed by most. Mischa Kamp''s work succeeds without resorting to the typical and tired formula of sex and drugs. This is a great film, for teens and their parents to watch together.

Touching, very good history.
Author: Rodrigo S Pereira (rodrigo.sp11@live.com) from Brazil
27 June 2015
I Really loved this movie, i think that seems like Shelter, another excellent movie.

This movies is very intense, sweet, innocent and proves that don''t need do/be a vulgar movie to do a great movie. The actors surprise me, i never see them before and i guess they are very good, even that some parts could be more worked, the movie transmit this message and make us stay very attempt all movie. The only think that should made, is show more about their love, and if they come out for their family.

this is it, a recommend to everyone see this movie, it is worth it. I hope see more movies with gay theme, with a history like that.

sorry about my English, still learning to write.

Top 5 LGBT films for me.
Author: somebody_else from Melbourne, Australia
24 May 2015
Despite my longstanding love for the genre, I did not expect to be so moved by this film. In the same vein as movies like Shelter, Just A Question Of Love, Beautiful Thing, Jongens is about a boys struggle with sexuality, family obligations, growing up. There are plenty of plot points that are similar, admittedly, but Jongens had something the others didn''t. Or perhaps it steered clear of things the others didn''t.

While some reviews suggest there needs more elaboration, or elucidation, I think that''s where the beauty lies. The main character, Sieg, and his love interest, Marc, fall for each other. You don''t know that because they say it, or because they are physical with each other - you know that because of their stolen glances, their fleeting touches, the way they play and laugh and muck around, just like boys do.

There are serious elements to the film - we constantly see Sieger punishing himself with his athletic training, his overbearing brother always in the background - but they don''t overwhelm you, or steal anything from all the sweet, gentle moments. Playing out parallel to the upcoming athletic championships, and with the backdrop of the river,forest,and long dirt roads - so much can be taken from what you see, and how it makes you feel, rather than what is told or forced upon you.

I agree there should be more, but only because they''re special, their feelings and shared moments are fun and enthralling, and you''d like to be privy to hours of them.

If sweet, subtle, coming-of-age films are your cup of tea then definitely take time to see this movie. Sieg''s journey into love, and identity is universal, and I think a lot of people - regardless of their sexuality - will relate.

Magical Coming Out Film
Author: lmull198 from South Africa
2 April 2015
Hi Guys, please try and see "Jongens" / Boys, one of the best "coming out" films ever, please do not be put off by the subtitles! The direction, acting and music are superb, enjoy every minute and be happy.. The story is simple, but the two lead actors are amazing, cannot believe I have not seen them in previous films, they have such great futures ahead of them!!! What a relieve to see that it is not just another "sub-par, sordid, waiting for the ever elusive sex scene to arrive" movie This movie makes u forget all that nonsense, you are drawn in from the first second, and it never lets go, only complaint is the short running time, at 80 minutes only you will be crying for some more I can go on and on, but watching the scene 30 minutes into the film makes life worth living...

Brilliant Dutch movie on teenage gay love
Author: silveradofurman from Arnhem
9 September 2014
Theme: "Jongens" is a coming of age drama. It''s about accepting one''s own homosexuality, and the struggle that comes along. The love story is pure and natural, set to the background of an all male sports team for teenagers.

Photography: "Jongens" (Boys) has the most incredibly and beautiful imagery you can wish for, both in landscapes as well as sports and love. This movie is almost entirely shot outside at Utrechtse Heuvelrug (Utrecht wolds), a very green part of the Netherlands, and nearby lakes. The surroundings breathe innocence and flourishing life. It challenges physical exercising. Camera man Melle van Essen has done a great job. Young actors Gijs Blom and Ko Zandvliet are brilliant.

This movie is excellent educational material for high school students because homophobia is still an issue world wide.

I''m not going to tell you the story, and you better don''t read it elsewhere, just watch and enjoy it.


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