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Director:Severine Cornamusaz A young hopeful teenager is waiting for his unknown and fantasized father to come out of prison.
Director:Mac Ahlberg ˹ѧشԴҴ»ͧѧ㹵ӹҹ йѹշش ҷ˹ա իѺѧɤѺ ˹ѧʹԹ ٴԺҡҵ ͹©ҡسŧ
Director:Ryuichi Hiroki Kazu lives in the Kabukicho entertainment district in Shinjuku, Tokyo. After falling into debt from gambling, he gets an offer from yakuza Ito to trash the night club New World
Director:Kat Candler 13 years old Jacob\'s increasing delinquent behavior forces Child Protective Services to place his little brother, Wes, with his aunt. Jacob and his emotionally absent father, Hollis, must finally take responsibility for their actions
Director:Alan Polsky, Gabriel Polsky Two brothers who are forced to leave Reno after being involved in a hit-and-run accident. Based on the novel by Willy Vlautin, this moody thriller is a searing and profound examination of brotherhood set in the timele
Director:Ursula Meier ͡ҡҧԹ ҡȡ˹ѧԹ Berlin International Film Festival2012 ѧҧ٧شҡ Swiss Film Prize2013 ҢBest Picture ж١͡繵᷹ŹҪԧʡ㹻չ
Director:Alicia Scherson ˹ѧ ͹Ҥ ҧ͹Шͧ Ẻ˹ѧͧ ô Ե͡ ˹ѧҢѭʹյ Ҩ繵˹ѧ ʹջСͺ㹵͹Դͧ
Director:Agnes Merlet ѹ1˹ѧͧ¶١繴մҡ͹ ֧繤áѺ١ҩ Ҿ¹ʷ鹪˹ѧ硷ǹ͡شͧ˹㹺ô˹ѧ硷駻ǧ
Director:Amat Escalante (Heli)˹çҹҵʹԡĵҧ㨤 ͹ͧ ͤͺ ˹ѧʹءش觻֧ͧ Heli
Director:Christoffer Boe ¡˹ѧšдҡҡդͺҡ ¡˹ѧҡ觡дҡФ˹ѧš˹ըҡҴ (!)
Director:Michael Glawogger Ҿ¹äشҧҧ ͧǢͧըҡ 3 3 3ʹ ѧ 硫
Director:Eliza Hittman ˹ѧԴ͵ǢͧФǪ͹ҧҡ 觶·ʹ¹ ҡз͹кҧ ҾФ༪ԭ˹ҡѹҾ͹͹ ׺ѹҴҹ˹ҡͧⷧ෧ ҡûСͺԨѹྪ 觺֧͡
Director:Hun-Su Park Ҩ¼͹¹Ҿ¹ѧ֧ҧѹҪվͧԴ ѹѺѺ١ ԴçŴ㹡ҧüŧҹͧա
Director:Kyung-Jung Ju ͧǢͧ ҹŻЪ˹觷ժ Natalie ..鹢ŻԹ˹
Director:Christian Klandt Ҿ¹з͹ѭѹԴҨҡʶҺѹ硷شӤѭش蹤 ͺ ͧǢͧ 2§13աѺ16Ѻ⪡⪹ͧѺš˹
Director:Olivier Assayas Ҿ¹ҴͧǡͧѺŻСǶ֧˵ءóԧѧҤ 1968 ѧعçһҺءͧ͢ѡ֡Ф·ҧͧͧ ʴ Lola Creton

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