Supernatural: The Animation (2011) (3蹨)



Directer:Atsuko Ishizuka, Shigeyuki Miya   Producer:Masao Maruyama  Story:Eric Kripke     Music:Mark Ishikawa, Shûsei Murai  Running time:22 episodes  Country:USA | Japan  Language:English  Genre:Animation, action, horror, supernatural    Subtitle: English
Jared Padalecki ... Sam Winchester (9 episodes, 2011)
Andrew Farrar ... Dean Winchester (8 episodes, 2011)
Hiroki Touchi ... Dean Winchester (6 episodes, 2011)
Yûya Uchida ... Sam Winchester (6 episodes, 2011)
Jensen Ackles ... Dean Winchester (2 episodes, 2011)







The anime re-imagining of the original live-action series follows the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean as they hunt creatures and other supernatural phenomena across the American landscape. The anime will be a 22-episode season that will cover the storyline of the live-action version''s first two seasons. The anime project will not only remake the best episodes from the live-action version, but also depict original episodes not seen in the live-action version. Those original episodes will include prologues of the Winchester brothers'' childhood, anime-only enemies, and episodes featuring secondary characters from the live-action version.

In June 2010, the Warner Brothers Japanese site announced the production of a Supernatural anime to be released in Japan in January 2011, later changed to February 2011.[1][2] The studio producing the series is MADHOUSE, and the first season is twenty-two episodes covering the first two seasons of the original, live-action series. In addition to remaking some episodes of the original series, they have added new stories that cover the brothers'' childhood, focus on secondary characters, and introduce new, anime-only enemies.[2]
The Winchester brothers (Sam and Dean) will be designed to look like the original actual actors (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki). Sub characters (eg, John, Bobby, Mary, Jessica, etc.) will be designed in a completely new way to give fresh impression. Enemies such as creatures, demons, and ghosts will be given a cool design taking full advantage of Japanese anime expression.

Yuya Uchida (Soul Eater''s Dr. Franken Stein, Naruto Shippūden''s Rinji) voices Sam, and Hiroki Touchi (Trinity Blood''s Abel Nightroad, Bokurano''s Kokkpelli) voices Dean. Both actors voiced these same roles for the live-action series when it was dubbed in Japanese.[3] You can see some of these actors'' work on Supernatural Singing Dead or Alive from 3.16 No Rest For The Wicked.

At the Rising Con Spain 2010, Jensen and Jared confirmed the project and that they''d seen and approved the artwork for Sam and Dean. There was confirmation that Jensen and Jared would dub two episodes in the second box into English,[4] and this was revised to later include information that Jared dubbed all twenty-two episodes while Jensen only dubbed the final two episodes of the first season.[5][6] JRock star Gackt voices Andy in the series.[4]