Blush (2005)






The beautifully haunting rock of David Eugene Edwards (singer of 16 Horsepower) and the incantatory texts of the poet Peter Verhelst contribute to the turbulent beauty of this unclassifiable object - Dionysian mix of almost all arts. (Telerama)

Vandekeybus demonstrates great skills, mixing images and music, using his dance-judo to combine attraction, confrontation and repulsion. He adds to his inventory of secret ceremonies some spoken scenes full of charm. (Le Monde)

Brilliant. Freakin'' brilliant. While normally TV just can''t keep my attention longer than 10 minutes, this movie just got me clustered to the screen. I was planning to go to sleep but I couldn''t go before I saw everything of it.

The symbolism gets you thinking, the beautiful choreography emotes and the music is a perfect mixture of silences and sound. The "fighting" scenes where something completely new to me. They made me think of some kind of animal-like fighting.

There are but few words spoken in the whole thing, but the ones that did were really where they should have been. They did add something to the atmosphere.

Hope this rather unknown movie gets to the larger public sometime.