Amphetamine (2010)





Amphetamine (2010)

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Amphetamine Original Soundtrack

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Directer:Scud   Producer:Scud Writter:Scud   Story:Scud Music:Shan Ho, Yat-Yiu Yu  Cinematography:Charlie Lam
Heiward Mak   Running time:97 min  Country:Hong Kong   Language:Cantonese | English  Genre:Drama  

Subtitle: English/ Starring:Byron Pang ... Kafka,
Thomas Price ... Daniel, Linda So ... May, Winnie Leung ... Linda,
Simon Tam ... Simon

    Amphetamine (2010) Special Feature Music video, ͧѧö·, ͧѧöẺ ҡ١Ѵ (Delete Scenes) DVDcanFLY ѧ CD ŧСͺҾ¹ ա 1 (ѹ֧30ѹҤ2010)ش¤Һ


     Amphetamine ˹ѧҤͧ 2 ͨҡ Permanent Residence (2009)  ͧӡѺ Scud ɳҨзҤ Permanent Residence (2009) Amphetamine (2010) ͧش Life of an Artist ѧ㹻˹


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Amphetamine (࿵չ) ѡķ¡ʾԴ

Amphetamine (࿵չ) ͤѡķç觡ʾԴ ػ͡ Ҿ¹ѡҡͧسþҴ





Byron Pang ʴ Kafka ͹

ѡʴ ͹¹ Եù Ф͹ӹ һСǴ Mr. Hong Kong 㹻 2005 Ѻҧšʴʹ еҡҡФë Ҿ¹ͧ

Thomas Price ʴ Daniel

Դͧ ١觨չѧ ֡Ҩҡ DJ ѺʴɳԹùѧ ª 




Kafka 繪Ҫվ繤͹Ե ѹ˹龺Ѻ Daniel Դѡѹҵ ·駤Ҥѡͧǡҹ öҹػäҧ ֧ʹҧСõԴʾԴͧ Kafka

Daniel ·ѡѺ Kafka ѡҧ çѹҡʹյͧ Kafka ѹͧ駤仴¤ҡӺҡ ش¡ ѡͧ駤 ķç觡ʾԴ駤;٨ѡͧ駤ա



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Openly gay banker Daniel debates whether to return to Australia or stay in Hong Kong when he meets Kafka, a straight swimming instructor. The young men fall in love, believing that their love can bridge anything, despite their difference in sexuality and Kafka''s increasing drug use. Daniel does not regret his love for Kafka, who tries to love him back against his nature. But a flashback memory from Kafka''s past makes it difficult for their relationship to work. Written by bebop-85


ԡ ŧҹͧͧ



Permanent Residence (2009)
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(ѧ) ӡѺ: Lawrence Ah Mon, Scud ˹ѧشաͧͧͧ йʴ ѡʺŷҵԵǨԧ 㨡ѹٻҧЪҧ¡ѹ ˹ѧѡ(..).. ҧҨԧ 仴







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