In the City of Sylvia (2007)





Film as art, without a doubt. But I did not find it at all inaccessible or pretentious. Its in fact a warmly human film, not at all aloof, but a celebratory and generous hearted piece which meditates on themes like desire, beauty and the silent interaction of society. It achieves this through truly wonderful use of natural light and ambient street sounds whilst the film is framed and sequenced in a thoughtful, dedicated way. And the unobtrusive cast underplay to let the director''s vision shine.

It will not be to everyone''s taste but I was hypnotized by this film, and deeply impressed by the purity of the film-makers'' achievements here. Difficult to judge in terms of what has gone before, so I hope this film will establish a reputation as a stand-alone piece or even a ground-breaker in the coming years. Though unique in my experience, it also seems a natural next step in European cinema''s long history of meandering, loosely-plotted films that are about atmosphere and everyday emotions rather than life-changing events.