Secret Pleasures (1999)



Directer:Michael Paul Girard   Producer:Michael Feifer

Writter:Michael Paul Girard   Music:Max Baxter   Cinematography:Matt Steinauer
Editor:Vince Di Meglio, Matt Steinauer  Running time:90 min  Country:USA  Language:English 
Subtitle: English
Kim Yates ... Alex Dulany
Rick Majeske ... Ian
Nikki Fritz ... Ginger
Everett Rodd ... Jack (as Everett J. Rodd)
Ahmo Hight ... Cara


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An attractive woman detective, expert in cases of conjugal infidelity is hired by a mysterious millionaire, unaware that she will get involved in a feverish love triangle to gather all the evidence she needs to finish the case.


A beautiful female Private Investigator, Alex Dulaney (Kim Yates), films a man named Jack (Everett Rodd) having sex with a woman in a motel room. Later on she shows the videotape to her client, a fiery Latin woman named Cara (Ahmo Hight). Cara wants better proof of her husband''s infidelity with close-ups that she can use to take all of Jack''s money when she divorces him. Cara leaves Alex''s loft as Ginger (Nikki Fritz), Alex''s beautiful assistant, tells her she has a new client waiting. Ian James (Rick Majeske) hires Alex to find out who his fiancee is having an affair with. Ian and Alex are incredibly attracted to each other, but they can''t admit to themselves or one another. Ian leaves as Alex and Ginger make plans for their encounter that night with Cara''s husband ­Jack. The set-up is sure to be a success. Erotic drama!




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