301, 302 (1995)

Director: Park Chul-soo Producer:Cheol-su Park Screenplay by:Lee Seo-gun  Music by:Sung Ryong Byun

Cinematography:Eun-gil Lee  Edited by:Gok-ji Park Running time:100 minutes Country:South Korea Language:Korean Genre:Horror, Mystery, Thriller  Subtitle:English,   Starring: Eun-jin Pang ... Song - Lives in room No. 301,
Sin-hye Hwang ... Yun - Lives in room No. 302
, Chu-Ryun Kim ... The Investigator

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301, 302 or 301/302 is a 1995 South Korean film directed by Park Chul-soo. It tells the story of two South Korean women, neighbors in the same apartment building, who take very different approaches to the difficulties of modern life; one indulges in food, sex, and spending while the other lives in self-imposed austerity. The film was selected as the South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 68th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Compulsion, a 2013 Canadian psychological thriller directed by Egidio Coccimiglio, is based on this film

Bizarre, disgusting, and unique
1 February 2005 | by ThrownMuse (The land of the Bunyips)
The woman living alone in apartment 302 is a writer who finds food repulsive and indigestible. Her new neighbor across the hall, living alone in 301, is a cook who is obsessed with food to the point where it dictates her life. Upon discovering her new neighbor''s dislike for food, 301 makes it her mission to make 302 eat and enjoy her delectable meals. This leads to a very twisted relationship between the two women, as well as an exploration into the nasty experiences that influenced their current relationships with food.

This Korean film is a cinematic oddity that is definitely a unique viewing experience. It is filled with rather disgusting visuals of food preparation (vegetarians, this is a warning!). The close-ups of people gorging on various food items are bound to make anyone squeamish. The DVD I saw was full screen and the transfer appeared poor, but the cinematography is great with an excellent use of vivid colors. Also, the inventive set design deserves praise, as most of the film takes place either in 302 (very sterile, library-like apartment) or 301 (very sleek and vibrant restaurant-like apartment with a futuristic looking kitchen). The two lead actresses give terrific performances and it is perverse fun watching them torment each other.

The story moves at a slow pace but it works. There are various interesting flashbacks that are crucial to the plot, but unlike other movies with stories that are not told chronologically, this timeline is not difficult to follow. However, what actually happens during one of the flashbacks was a bit confusing due to the way that particular scene was filmed. This scene seemed vital to the story, so I think part of this movie was lost on me. One common theme in the movie is a link between sex and food that is not completely explored but still fascinating and provoking.

301,302 is an interesting and original but often confusing film that I would recommend to folks interested in Asian horror cinema beyond the current popular films. As is the case is with swimming, do not view this after or while eating!


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The film details the relationship between two neighbours, Song-Hee a chef, and Yun-Hee an anorexic writer. After her divorce, Song-Hee moves in next door to Yun-Hee. Realising she is an anorexic, Song-Hee begins to torment Yun-Hee by offering her food, eventually forcing it upon her violently.

Both womens pasts are explored: Yun-Hees sexual abuse at the hands of her step-father, butcher by trade; Song-Hees dysfunctional marriage, her obesity, and finally the moment she cooks her husbands dog and feeds it to him as an act of revenge.

The film ends as Yun-Hee offers her own body to be cooked and eaten. After her death and consumption, Yun-Hee is shown living happily in Song-Hees apartment as a spirit. The film is told in flashback, as Song-Hee is interviewed by a detective who is investigating Yun-Hees disappearance.

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