11 Flowers (2011)

Director:Wang Xiaoshuai Producer:Laurent Baudens, Didar Domehri, Isabelle Glachant, Dong Lu, Gaël Nouaille, Xiaoshuai Wang Screenplay by:Wang Xiaoshuai  Music by:Marc Perrone Cinematography:Dong Jinsong  Edited by:Nelly Quettier , Lao Ni

Running time:110 minutes Country:China Language:Mandarin Genre:Drama Subtitle:English  Starring: Jingchun Wang ... Papa,
Wenqing Liu ... Wang Han
, Guo Liuxing Zhong ... La Souris, Kexuan Zhang ... La Teigne, Yihao Lou ... Wei Jun,
Ziyi Wang ... Assassin
, Shiyi Mo ... Jue Hong, Kimi Qiao ... Frere de Wei Jun, Yue Yu ... Institutrice,
Shiqi Zhao ... Petite Soeur
, Shiping Cao ... Vieux Xie, Gang Cao ... Policier


    11-year-old Wang lives with his family in a remote village in China. Life is tough, but they make the most of what little they have. When Wang is selected to lead his school''s daily gymnastics, his teacher recommends that he wear a new shirt, which forces his family to make a great sacrifice. Soon after, Wang encounters a wounded man on the run and their fates are intertwined.

     11 Flowers (Chinese: 我11; pinyin: wǒ shí yī) is a 2011 film directed by Wang Xiaoshuai centered on a boy named Wang Han who loses his white shirt which shows that he is his school''s best gymnast. The loss of the shirt is to take on greater metaphorical meaning as the film progresses which is inspired by the director''s own experience as a youth during the cultural revolution and the more general confusion of childhood.

Impressive film about the Cultural Revolution in China and its aftermath

Author: JvH48 from Amersfoort, The Netherlands
I saw this film as part of the Rotterdam Film Festival 2012. I never imagined that a story as experienced by an 11 year old, could be so compelling. We''ve read a lot about the Cultural Revolution in China, half a century ago, where "intellectuals" (in the broadest sense of the word) were treated badly, or worse. This film lasted nearly 2 hours, but this time was well spent. I saw only very few slow moments, where I felt the need to move on. But the large majority has the necessary drive and keeps our attention.

Family life, incomplete families, rationing, etcetera is shown very nearby. The harsh regime has a higher purpose in mind, and does not care much about individuals. The latter word was even not allowed to exist; at that time it was almost the worst you could say about someone to be an individualist. I gave the maximum score for the audience award when leaving the theater.
28 October 2012


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Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2011

Asia Pacific Screen Award
Best Children''s Feature Film
Isabelle Glachant 
Xiaoshuai Wang 
Didar Domehri 
Dong Lu 
Laurent Baudens 
Gaël Nouaille 

Asian Film Awards 2012

Asian Film Award
Best Supporting Actress
Ni Yan 
Best Editor
Nelly Quettier 

Chinese Film Media Awards 2013

China Film Media Award
Best Supporting Actress
Ni Yan 

Deauville Asian Film Festival 2012

Best Film
Xiaoshuai Wang 

Fribourg International Film Festival 2012

Grand Prix
Xiaoshuai Wang 

Sarasota Film Festival 2012

Jury Prize
Narrative Feature
Xiaoshuai Wang 


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