Cub (2014)

Director:Jonas Govaerts Producer:Peter De Maegd Story by: Screenplay by:Jonas Govaerts  , Roel Mondelaers

Music by:Steve Moore Cinematography:Nicolas Karakatsanis  Edited by:Maarten Janssens Running time:84 minutes 

Country:Belgium Language:Dutch Genre:Adventure, Horror  Subtitle:English  Starring:Stef Aerts as Peter,

Evelien Bosmans as Jasmijn, Titus De Voogdt as Chris, Maurice Luijten as Sam,
Gill Eeckelaert as Kai
, Jan Hammenecker as Stroper/Poacher


 (ѴҨҡ.. Ե BIOSCOPE Ѻ 163..͢ͺسҹ¹ .)

ҧ:6 wins & 5 nominations.



Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2016

Chainsaw Award
Best Foreign-Language Film
Jonas Govaerts 

Fantastic Cinema Festival 2015

Grand Jury Award
Best Editing (Feature)
Maarten Janssens 
Special Jury Award
Feature Film
Jury notes: "Finally a slasher film that actually tries. Cub brings a fresh voice to the genre."
Grand Jury Award
Best Feature Film

Film Festival Oostende 2015

Best make up
Saskia Verreycken 
Best Makeup
Saskia Verreycken (key makeup artist) 
Best Supporting Actor
Titus De Voogdt 
Best Production Design
Geert Paredis 

Nashville Film Festival 2015

Grand Jury Prize
Graveyard Shift Competition
Jonas Govaerts 

Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival 2014

Best Director
Jonas Govaerts 
Carnet Jove Jury Award
Official Fantastic
Jonas Govaerts (director) 

Cub (original title: Welp) is a 2014 Belgian horror movie and the feature film directorial debut of Jonas Govaerts. Funds for Cub were partially raised through an IndieGoGo campaign and the film had its world premiere on 10 September 2014 at the Toronto International Film Festival.[1] Filming took place during 2013 and stars Maurice Luijten as Sam, a young boy that goes on a camping trip with his fellow Cub Scouts, only to fall afoul of a bloodthirsty poacher.

Sam, 12, is in trouble: his entire "Pathfinder" scout troop picks on him - and worse. The leader, Peter, is the worst of all. He seems to find a sadistic pleasure in humiliating Sam. This year''s trip is to a woods near the French border where a curious legend named Kai is said, around the campfire, to make mischief. But when Sam finds that Kai is no legend and that he makes more than mischief, no one believes him.