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Medea (1988)

äҹҴٵç : Ҿ¹Ѻ·ҧ ١Ǣҹѹͼŧҹիͧ ͹   ҧҡͧӡѺ٪ഹ Carl Theodor Dreyer (The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928))



Director:Lars von Trier Written by:Carl Theodor Dreyer Based on Medea by Euripides Cinematography:Sejr Brockmann

Edited:Finnur Sveinsson  Running time:77 min Country:Denmark Language:Danish Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English 

Starring: Udo Kier: Jason, Kirsten Olesen: Medea, Henning Jensen: Creon, Solbjørg Højfeldt: Nurse, Preben Lerdorff Rye: Pedagog,
Baard Owe: Aegeus, Ludmilla Glinska: Glauce, Vera Gebuhr: Old chaperone, Jonny Kilde: Old boy, Richard Kilde: Young boy,
Dick Kaysø: Voice of Jason, Mette Munk Plum: Voice of Glauce


Medea is a 1988 TV movie directed by Lars von Trier. It is based on Carl Theodor Dreyer''s adaptation of Euripides'' play Medea.

King Creon of Corinth wants to secure his throne. In order to do this, he wants to marry the successful warrior Jason to his daughter Glauce. Jason accepts, but he is already married to Medea. Since Medea is known as a wise woman, Creon feels need to banish Medea and her two boys from the city. She begs him to let him stay, but he gives her only one day in order to secure the needs of the two boys.

Medea makes an agreement with the king of Athens, Aegeus, that she and the two boys can come live in Athens with his protection. She then plans to murder both Glauce and Creon and eventually her own children.



Tremendous script; should have been a masterpiece, but let down by production values
20 November 2004 | by cathcacr (United States)
This would have been completely marvelous had Dreyer actually lived to direct this. The strength of the script is obvious to anyone who sees it, but (I''m voiding this comment if it turns out that the DVD transfer is simply shoddy) Von Trier''s pre-Dogme Dogme-style camera makes a mockery of Dreyer''s intentions. Von Trier makes a disclaimer that he isn''t out to make a "Dreyer film," but that doesn''t excuse the Dogme-style visual work. The true master Dreyer made films that are supposed to last; this Dogme fad is a travesty: lots of otherwise really good material is just getting mangled for the sake of misguided, thoroughly pretentious (nay, hypocritical) notions of "realism" in cinema. This is a comment on the Dogme-fad-artists'' *style*, which panders to the (insert any number of negative descriptive terms) post-modernist sensibilities of the college-age pseudo-cineastes who worship it.

That bit of frustration aside, my impression of this film is otherwise overwhelmingly positive. The good aspects of this have Dreyer written all over it. Maybe it can be re-made by someone who actually respects cinematic form and presentation, not some rebellious child playing around with a (low number)mm camera.

Hey, I''m not saying that the visual storytelling wasn''t otherwise superb, but for crying out loud, let''s actually *see* it as it is, rather than like it''s being put through some yellow filter and fuzzed up. Dreyer, unafraid to present his subject matter in the starkest terms, could do it. Why won''t Von Trier?

Nevertheless, see it, and then do yourself the benefit of imagining away the travesty part.

Stunning - a schocking masterpiece, burns itself into your mind!
Author: Henryk von Babenberg from Hamburg, Germany
14 November 1998
Lars von Trier´s adaptation of the ancient Greek play (HIS tribute to Carl Th. Dreyer, who originally wrote the manuscript but never got around to filming it) is absolutely stunning.

The actors´ performances (above all Kirsten Olesen, incidentally one of Denmark´s top actresses makes you gasp), the wide landscapes and carefully selected sparse dialogue, but especially Lars von Trier´s direction makes this film a shocking look into the disturbed mind of a woman who has been scorned and left. Medea´s revenge is horrible but never unbelievable. She does what every sane person would do, when deprived of all that she loves. The film burns itself into your mind and leaves you with a lasting impression of what human misery can be like.

A veritable piece of art, belonging up there with most of von Trier´s works - and above all up there with ALL of Dreyer´s works!

A very grim tale
Author: Atavisten from Tellus
7 May 2005
Wow, this is an inspired film. It takes the myth of Jason written by Euripedes and a script by Carl Th. Dreyer, boths testimony has been proved by the test of time and makes a fantastic low budget masterpiece epic of it. Some people think that its production values spoils the experience, but I would like to ask them this: would Claude Monets paintings look better if they were polished? We see into the fabric of film here and I think that only heightens the realism or it makes me believe it the more as a film, if the focus was on making it look real several other things would get lost.

How big the debt to Dreyers movies are I cant tell as I haven''t seen any of his work yet due to poor availability, but as huge it seems it actually makes me a big fan of Dreyer himself, which von Trier also is and don''t try to hide.

Metaphors are a plenty here and somehow it works, experiments with filming, post production and so on is evident and really made this a wonderful testimony to an inspired mind. Respect to Lars! Especially for the water scenes, the wind, the golden fleece ...

Art direction may not be 100% historically correct, but it looks very good, Medea herself must have inspired ''Orbital'' for their ''The Box'' music video some years later.

The revenge she gets are the most raw and brutal I have seen by the way.

Trier''s Best Work
Author: kethryes_amazon (kethryes_amazon@yahoo.gr) from Athens
23 June 2004
It is a masterpiece, it is a perfect adaptation of the Greek tragedy Medea from Euripides, a version where the Gods willing and intervations are absent. Medea is the tragic character that after helping Jason in the Voyage of the Argonauts (myth says that she has even sacrificed her own brother for Jason''s success), she gets from him only betrayal, as he arranges to marry the King''s of Corinth daughter. The king decides to exile Medea, as she is a danger for his daughter happiness, but Medea asks from him just a day before she goes outside the borders. That day Medea gets her revenge.. That day we see how Jason is demystified, driven by his lust for a young princess becomes a tragic character. Jason is a man driven by women''s strength and willing, he reached the levels of heroism because of a woman, he seeks to get more strength with the help of another woman, who guides him with her sexual power. We see the tragic abandoned woman, taking revenge sacrificing her own children in the name of proving that she still has the power to drive his husband emotions. Is it that also true in our societies? How many times children are the mean for adults'' revenge?

Medea''s story shown through an epic atmosphere. It is a film perfectly directed. Trier used so nicely light and nature in order to transfer to us the whole atmosphere of tragedy. A tragedy that is created by humans and not Gods. A story that can be met in our civilized neighbourhood, a story that has for sure heard in the news. As about the actors a fabulous cast makes this film a work of art. I am glad that I ''ve found it in the store, I am glad I watched it.

Great Film!
Author: bscowler from Seattle, WA
4 August 2004
"Medea" is a truly haunting film, but you have to be a true lover of cinema to appreciate this gem.

The cinematography is ground-breaking, and at times it''s hard to figure out exactly how the images are being filmed. Sometimes it appears that the film was shot, then filmed again off of a television screen. That''s not to say that the images aren''t beautiful and breathtaking, just that they''re a little unorthodox.

I won''t go into the storyline, as you can read the synopsis above, but rest assured, if you''re a film buff who truly appreciates a fluid film that rewards the eyes, mind, ears, and heart, this film will leave you very satisfied.

On the other hand, if you''re a high school girl who is more interested in checking the text messages on her cell phone than watching the required film in class, then you''d better go down to the multi-plex real quick.