I Am the Other Woman (2006)

Director:Margarethe von Trotta  Producer:Markus Zimmer Story by:Peter Märthesheimer(novel)

Screenplay by:Pea Fröhlich, Peter Märthesheimer  Music by:Christian Heyne Cinematography:Axel Block  

Edited by:Corina Dietz Running time:104 min Country:Germany Language:German Genre:Drama   Subtitle:English 

Starring: Katja Riemann ... Carolin Winter, Armin Mueller-Stahl ... Karl Winter, Karin Dor ... Frau Winter,

August Diehl ... Robert Fabry, Bernadette Heerwagen ... Britta, Barbara Auer ... Fräulein Schäfer, Dieter Laser ... Bruno





German Film Awards 2007

Film Award in Gold
Best Film Score (Beste Filmmusik)
Christian Heyne 




Successful architect Robert has a one-night stand with a mysterious lady in red. The next day they meet again, but Carolin is now a corporate lawyer working on a major contract for Robert and strangely, she seems to have no memory of the previous night. Robert soon finds himself sucked into the morbid world of Carolin and her family''s dark secrets, where sex and death are never far removed, and tragedy seems the only outcome of this decaying bourgeois family.

Twisted yet entertaining
Author: deepdish80 from Canada
15 September 2006
I just saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival. "I am the Other Woman" was a haunting film that will definitely keep you interested. The film is well laid out with lots of subtle hints and hidden meanings. True, it is slightly twisted, but the several unexpected twists will definitely keep you interested and literally make you jump out of your seat. The lead actress convincingly portrays the vulnerability of her this most disturbed character, while maintaining a sense of fleeting seduction. The movie is rounded out by several enigmatic characters whose sordid pasts are slowly revealed without being forced.

Worth to see
Author: tofino237 from Germany
8 November 2006
The story is not bad but the film as such is sometimes to unrealistic. Many of the actors though are great, in particular August Diehl, Armin Müller-Stahl and the fabulous Karin Dor who is finally making a comeback! Katja Riemann did not convince me at all, she is just beautiful but not a great actress. In any case, I was surprised that this film with many German film stars did not perform well.

I would recommend to watch this movie since the story is interesting and the film is never boring. If you are a fan of Karin Dor and/or Armin Mueller-Stahl, you have to see this movie in any case. And most people who have watched von Trotta movies before are very familiar with her personal style.

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