La belle captive (1983)

Director:Alain Robbe-Grillet Producer:Anatole Dauman  Screenplay by:Alain Robbe-Grillet , Frank Verpillat

Cinematography:Henri Alekan  Edited by:Bob Wade Running time:90 min  Country:France Language:French

Genre:Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring:Daniel Mesguich as Walter Raim , Cyrielle Clair as Sara Zeitgeist,
Daniel Emilfork as Inspector Francis
, François Chaumette as Dr. Morgentodt, Gabrielle Lazure as Marie-Ange van de Reeves,
Gilles Arbona as Le barman
, Arielle Dombasle as La femme hystérique, Jean-Claude Leguay as Le cycliste,
Nancy Van Slyke as La serveuse
, Denis Fouqueray as Le valet (as Denis Foucray),
Michel Auclair as La voix de Walter, off (voice)
, Roland Dubillard as Prof van de Reeves
, Fantasy, Horror



  La Belle captive The Beautiful Prisoner Ҿ¹شȡ˹ѧԹѧ 33 La Belle captive Ҿ¹ ͧ- ͧѭ ֡Ѻ (avant-garde + horror + mystery)ͧ Alain Robbe-Grillet ӡѺ෾աͧǧ˹ѧõԡؤ 50-80


Walter is told by his boss, Sara, to deliver an urgent letter to Henri de Corinthe. On the way he finds a beautiful woman he had been eying in a nightclub, lying in the road, bound up. He takes her to a villa to get a doctor, and ends up being locked in a bedroom with her. While she is making love to him, he has visions of surrealistic images from René Magritte''s paintings. In the morning, the girl, Marie-Ange, has vanished, the villa looks derelict, and his neck is bleeding. Was it all just a nightmare?





Berlin International Film Festival 1983

Golden Berlin Bear
Alain Robbe-Grillet 


La belle captive (1983)