A Swedish Love Story (1970)

Director:Roy Andersson Producer:Ejnar Gunnerholm Screenplay by:Roy Andersson Music by Running time:115 minutes Country:Sweden Language:Swedish Genre:Drama  , Romance : Björn Isfält, Jan Bandel
Cinematography: Jörgen Persson

Subtitle:English  Starring:Ann-Sofie Kylin as Annika, Rolf Sohlman as Pär, Anita Lindblom as Eva, Bertil Norström as John Hellberg,
Lennart Tellfelt as Lasse
, Margreth Weivers as Elsa, Arne Andersson as Arne, Maud Backéus as Gunhild,
Verner Edberg as Verner
, Elsie Holm as Guest at Crayfish Party, Tommy Nilsson - Roger,

Gunnar Ossiander as Pär''s Grandfather, Gunvor Ternéus as Guest at Crayfish Party,
Lennart Tollén as Lennart
, Björn Andrésen as Pär''s Buddy





A Swedish Love Story (Swedish: En kärlekshistoria) is a 1970 Swedish romantic drama directed by Roy Andersson, starring Ann-Sofie Kylin and Rolf Sohlman as two teenagers falling in love. Inspired by the Czechoslovak New Wave, the film was Andersson''s feature film debut and was successful in Sweden and abroad.


User Reviews
The sweetest film I have ever seen!

3 February 2004 | by lommetennis (lommetennis@hotmail.com)
I have seen quite a lot of movies, all genres, all ages, but no one comes even close to touching my romantic side as much as this one. I had never heard of the film or director when I was about to watch the film at the local film enthusiast club, but I, as well as everyone else around me it seemed, wanted to know more after having seen this. Quite simply the sweetest, most natural projection of true young love on film. Ever.

A tender, sensitive and beautiful teen love story, with undercurrents of eccentricity and tension. The pointedly Swedish mix of Elvira Madigan softness, Bergmanesque angst and Andersson''s own stabs of satire and wit leave it up in the air as to which tendency will win out. A remarkable film, anyway.

Without a doubt the best Roy Andersson movie I''ve ever seen. And one of the best youth films. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

Excluding Bergman, I can count the number of Swedish films I''ve seen on the fingers of one hand. This one tells a simple story of two teenagers who meet and fall in love during an idyllic Swedish summer. Their innocence is contrasted with scenes of the older generation who are world-weary, disillusioned and involved in distorted relationships. It''s a real charmer and one of the best films about adolescence I''ve seen.