A Town Where You Live (2012/2013)



A Town Where You Live: Twilight Intersection (2012)

(Original video animation)
Directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Chief)
, Hiroshi Kobayashi Written by Momoko Murakami Manga series by Kouji Seo

Music by Keiichi Oku Studio Tatsunoko Production Released March 16, 2012 – June 15, 2012 Episodes 2

A Town Where You Live (2013) 
Directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Written by Reiko Yoshida Manga series by Kouji Seo

Music by Keiichi Oku  Studio Gonzo, Network TX Network, Hiroshima Home Television, AT-X

Original run July 13, 2013 – September 28, 2013Episodes 12




A Town Where You Live (Japanese: 君のいる町 Hepburn: Kimi no Iru Machi?) is a manga series by Kouji Seo. It was serialized in Kodansha''s Weekly Shōnen Magazine between May 2008 and February 2014. The series was licensed for Crunchyroll Manga in October 2013. The plot follows the daily life of Haruto Kirishima as he becomes enamored with Yuzuki Eba.

A story arc from A Town Where You Live was adapted into an original video animation called A Town Where You Live: Twilight Intersection by Tatsunoko Production. Gonzo later adapted the series into an anime under its manga name; Gonzo''s anime resulted in a radio program, drama CD and an image song. Reception towards the manga was mixed with reviewers praising the plot for its realism or panning it as predictable and cliché.

Years prior, Haruto Kirishima befriends Yuzuki Eba and asks her to return to his hometown, Shōbara, Hiroshima, if she is ever troubled.Ch. 23 In the present, Yuzuki transfers to Shōbara due to her estrangement with her step-family.Ch. 29 She helps Haruto develop a friendship with Nanami Kanzaki, but Haruto ultimately falls in love with Yuzuki.Ch. 39 He helps Yuzuki reconcile with her family which encourages her to return to Tokyo.Ch. 50 The two begin a long-distance relationship until Yuzuki suddenly cuts all ties with him.Ch. 70 Haruto transfers to Tokyo and learns Yuzuki has began dating Kyousuke Kazama out of sympathy for his terminal illness.Ch. 92 In response, Haruto declares he will take Yuzuki back prompting Kyousuke to take a risky surgery in order to compete for Yuzuki''s love fairly.Ch. 98 Following Kyousuke''s death, Haruto and Yuzuki stop seeing each other out of guilt.Ch. 100

Two years later, Haruto has been dating Asuka Mishima. When he reunites with Yuzuki, the two realize they still love each other.Ch. 137 Haruto ends his relationship with Asuka in order to be with Yuzuki which causes their friends to ostracize them.Ch. 141 When Yuzuki''s father objects to their relationship and attempts to relocate her, she begins living with Haruto;Ch. 160 the two eventually earn her father''s approval.Ch. 164 After reconciling with their friends and graduating from university, Haruto takes a job that relocates him to Kōchi.Ch. 246 Unable to sustain their relationship, the two break up;Ch. 256 two years later, Haruto is transferred back to Tokyo and reunites with Yuzuki, who had been waiting for his return.Ch. 260 The two are married shortly after.Ch. 261