Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (1971)



Director:Bruno Gantillon Producer:Gisele Rébillon, Catherine Winter, Raymond Gautreau

Screenplay by:Bruno Gantillon, Jacques Chaumelle  Running time:86 minutes Country:France Language:France Genre:Horror  

Subtitle:English  Starring: Dominique Delpierre: Morgan le Fay, Alfred Baillou: Gurth, Mireille Saunin: Françoise,
Régine Motte: Yael
, Ursule Pauly: Sylviane, Michèle Perello: Anna, Nathalie Chaine: Sarah,
Velly Beguard: herself
, Solange Pradel, Patricia Lecarpentier


Driving in their car through France one summer, two young girls, Anna & Francoise, find themselves trapped in the kingdom of the mythic Morgana, Queen of the Witches.

Ever since Merlin taught her his skills centuries ago, Morgana has gone on living by obtaining the souls of the young women who pass through her kingdom. In exchange, she gives the captives who agree to her pact eternal youth and beauty. Those who refuse her grow old and ugly in the dungeons of her castle.

A classic of erotic horror presented here uncut for the first time ever.

Bonus Features include:

· Brand new anamorphic digital transfer in original aspect ratio 1.66:1
· Interview with director Bruno Gantillon
· World premiere short: An Artistic Couple
· Extensive cast & crew information
· Trailer
· Mondo Macabro previews

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (French: Morgane et ses Nymphes) is a 1971 film by Bruno Gantillon, an erotic and parodic tale involving Morgan le Fay and a castle full of women in the French countryside. The role of Morgan le Fay is played by Dominique Delpierre; she rules the island Avalon as if it were Lesbos in a lesbian exploitative movie praised by critics for its setup and characters, and named a "neglected Eurotrash classic".

    Two young women travel by car through the Auvergne. Having run out of gas near an odd village, they spend the night in a barn where they make love. The next morning, Anna is gone and a dwarf in medieval garb guides Françoise through a forest (later identified as Brocéliande) to a lake, where a magic canoe carries her to an island, and then to a castle where scantily clad women frolic and kiss, overseen by the dwarf, Gurth.
     Françoise is interviewed by Morgan le Fay, and bathed by some of her women. Gurth reveals in a monologue that he procures the women for Morgan and has aspirations to take over. During dinner, Morgan and Françoise discuss love and beauty, and Morgan reveals that time is at her command. Afterward, she proceeds to caress and kiss Françoise, while her women wonder if they''ve been forgotten.
Morgan offers immortality and beauty; if the offer is not accepted, a life of abjection among a group of older women is the victim''s lot. Anna, tied up in the basement, accepts the offer, but Françoise escapes to look for the boat. She manages to swim across, only to find Morgan waiting for her on the other side, wherever she turns; she takes her back to her castle and promises to teach her her magic.
Françoise, however, schemes with Gurth to escape, and a feast the next day appears to be a good occasion to get a magic necklace and other items together. Dances are performed and groups of women engage in various kinds of lovemaking; Françoise makes love to the woman who has the magic tunic, and runs off with it. The necklace has also been stolen. Françoise, now in the tunic which renders her invisible and wearing the necklace (which controls the boat), needs only Morgan''s topaz globe, without which she can''t leave the forest. Gurth is accused, and sentenced to blindness, muteness, and leglessness. He gives Françoise his "ring of life" so he''ll die and she''ll be able to escape; he dies instantly and Françoise escapes from the castle and boards the boat. Gurth''s horse appears and Françoise rides off, ending up in the village, just in time for a funeral procession. However, she calls out for Morgan, who is there immediately. Morgan takes her back to the barn, where Anna is sleeping still with Françoise, being watched now by Françoise.