Sexual Chronicles of a French Family  (2012)




Director:Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr Writter:Pascal Arnold, Lucy Allwood  Running time:79 min  Country:France 

Language:French  Genre: Comedy, Drama  Subtitle:English  Starring: Mathias Melloul as Romain,
Valérie Maës as Claire
, Stephen Hersoen as Hervé, Leila Denio as Marie, Nathan Duval as Pierre, Yan Brian as Michel





Three generations of a French family open up about their sexual experiences and desires after young Romain is caught masturbating in his biology class.

Sexual Chronicles of a French Family French: Chroniques sexuelles d''une famille d''aujourd''hui is a 2012 French comedy-drama film produced and directed by Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr.


User Reviews
A brilliant movie for open minded people who admit the fact that their family members have SEX too

6 November 2012 | by Jaquelin pert (cardiff)

Sex a basic human necessity and as an adult one must not refrain from discussing it

it may not seem appropriate at first but it can be done if one takes initiative.
humans are sexual beings and after attaining sexual maturity are bound to have sex and enjoy the act of making love.
Its really very hard to digest the fact that our family members and relatives have sex -

oh YES lets admit it !!! Our parents,uncles aunts, brothers sisters, grand parents(O yeah old people like it too) get intimate between sheets behind closed doors.

This movie deals with such subjects which focuses on the sex life of a family basically the siblings of a family.
This movie is beautifully done and the chemistry between the siblings , parents and lovers just seems too realistic.
Nudity is shown wherever its necessary.
A movie to be watched with broad minded people who admit all human beings are sexual animals.
The hand held camera work is very elegant and has managed to capture details such as the facial expressions with panache.
I enjoyed this movie with my friends and cousins.
Hope you enjoy it too......


heartfelt story of a family dealing with sex
11 September 2013 | by Fordifyed (Australia)
The story is simple, just a cross-section of an everyday family with very real sexual scenarios. I was stunned to see such great acting in a cast readily open to perform explicit sex acts. Romain''s, the recently turned 18 male lead, very real awkwardness is cringe-worthy and forced out of me an embarrassed laugh. All the actor''s chemistry with each other was perfect, I couldn''t imagine it done better, because it didn''t need to be done better.

The film is careful to steer clear of pornographic style and only shows a minimum of explicit acts while remaining so real you may as well be there with them.

I''m not giving it a ten only because I felt it didn''t challenge me enough as a viewer. Although, If you''re on the more reserved side towards sexual expression this may be a very challenging viewing indeed. *side note: Some characters aren''t given much development though, but I think too much complexity might detract from the film''s simple journey.

Highly recommended film