Ecstasy of the Angels (1972)



Directer: Koji Wakamatsu 

Writter: Masao Adachi  

Running time: 1h 29mn

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Subtitle: English
Ken Yoshizawa, Rie Yokoyama, Yuki Arasa, Masao Adachi, Michio Akiyama, Yosuke Akiyama, Susumu Iwabuchi


    Koji Wakamatsu 繼ӡѺǭ蹷ռŧҹ繷ѺдѺԹҡ  ੾е੾˹ѧǴ

   ˹ѧͧⴴ蹡˹ѧpink film  Ecstacy of the Angels Tenshi no kôkotsu 繧ҹիͧͧ˹ ˹ѧ˹ѧ췪蹪

A group of militant extremists whom we know only by their code names - the days of the week - realize that they''ve been betrayed by their own organization when a nocturnal weapons raid on a U.S. Army base goes awry. The delicate internal balance of trust and friendship splinters apart. Their already fragile, idealistic young psyches quickly disintegrate into a morass of sexual paranoia, violent recrimination and sadistic torture that completely destroys their ability to function as an organization.