Q (2011)



Directer:Laurent Bouhnik Producer:Chica Benadava, Ludi Boeken, Pascal Judelewicz  Writter:Laurent Bouhnik Music:Ernest Saint Laurent Cinematography:Dominique Colin  Editor:Valérie Pico Running time:103 min  Country:France  Language:French

Genre:Drama Subtitle: English Starring:Déborah Révy ... Cécile, Helene Zimmer ... Alice, Gowan Didi ... Matt, Johnny Amaro ... Chance, Johan Libéreau ... Manu,
Jean-François Gallotte ... Père d''Alice, Brice Fournier ... Maurice, Christelle Benoit ... Virginie







A nice French movie
 heiliandada from United States
Many people like erotic movies. Many people do not like hardcore movies, simply because hardcore movies are not artistic. I am one of these people, and I like this movie.

Another movie that is mimic to this one is another French movie called Baise Moi. However, Q is more artistic and better made than Baise Moi. Not only with better casting, but with better storyline.

The close up shooting in bathroom is impressive, it perfectly demonstrated the beauty of woman. I truly like the director''s taste. Those scenes are beautiful and unforgettable.

The story is not complicated but the thought beyond that is very true: a man and a woman, when live together, must be compatible and matched each other both mentally and physically. If it doesn''t happen, a true love would not be generated. And the two people will get in trouble if they still stay together.

I would give an 8 out of 10 for this movie.

A movie about connection and disconnection and love
Author: romath from United States
Wow, other reviewers see this as pornography. Take another look. It''s about connection and disconnection in French society, in which sex and discussions about sex are used as a central vehicle for showing relations between men and women in French society (or at least younger ones). Note that the director never shows anything above the waist of the nude women in the shower chattering away about sex and men. Note that all the characters are missing each other needs and hence at odds and frustrated. Note the scene in the plaza where everyone is self-absorbed. Note that the author starts the movie with a message that he still believes love is possible.

Where the movie fails most is not in its failure to do more than vaguely allude to the background situation - unemployment and a shipyard strike. Why those are even there is never clarified. Rather, it was the director''s inability to bring the story to completion without implanting an implausibly happy ending that left me wondering what was the point of it all. If French social relations are pretty much the same as they were 25 years ago, then the director''s gotten quite a bit right. Unfortunately, he didn''t know where to go with it. That''s why, in spite of the good acting (for the most part), I gave it only six stars.

Honest, fascinating movie
Author: RockMollan from Sweden
I love this film! It is honest and beautiful, and I actually liked how all the sexy scenes never stopped surprising you. Very sincere and I also love the storyline. There is nothing about this movie that feels fake, and yes, maybe it was not what I expected but it was... fascinating. It also contains some great acting.

More films out there should be this honest and real! And also, I like Cecile''s and Chance''s relationship, it is just so interesting... You can really see from the beginning how they care for each other, and yet they do not make any promises or expect anything from each other.

The shooting and conversations in the movie is what I feel makes it so honest. Absolutely wonderful.

I would totally watch it again. And again.

Sex but not only
Author: estelle-betti from France
I love this film . It deals not only about sex .

Il deals with the representation of sex , the rules , the limits that everyone with his own personality ,accepts , refuses or wants .

The fact that the actors don'' t simulate the sex scenes is for me an asset .

Cecile represents the freedom , she does what she wants , she plays with the others but it''s related to the death of his father that she wants to hide . Alice wants a love story but she wants to know fantasy .

Matt wants to make love but he s falling in love with Alice . So many

relations that make us understand that sex ix not superficial , it can determinate a lot of things in our life

A beautiful film about human sexuality
Author: sybarite_2003 from United Kingdom
I really liked this film. It was shot in lovely locations in the French countryside, on the beach-front and in little town cafés, and it featured a host of beautiful actors and actresses (many of them non-professional). Yes there is a lot of explicit (non-simulated) sex and nudity throughout but for a film which is about exploring the central role of sexuality in our modern lives it makes sense and I didn''t find it either offensive or pornographic. Though very sexually explicit the scenes were tasteful and beautifully shot. It was also quite a funny film. You could definitely watch this with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

I wish all countries could treat sexuality in a matter-of-fact way like this as the French do.