Fried Dragon Fish (1993)

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Directer:Shunji Iwai   Producer:Izumi Harada  Writter:Shunji Iwai   Music:Remedios

Running time:50 min   Country:Japan  Language:Japanese Genre:Drama   

Subtitle: English/ Starring:Miyoko Yoshimoto ... Poo Rinwon, Tadanobu Asano ... Natsuro,
Hiroshi Ôguchi, Derrick Holmes (as Derrik Holmes), Alan Casemore, Hajime Yamazaki ,
Tomorowo Taguchi, Ken Mitsuishi





Awards of the Japanese Academy
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1997 Won Popularity Award Most Popular Performer
Tadanobu Asano 
Also for Acri (1996), Focus (1996) and Pikunikku (1996). 

A salesman from Delta Works, a London-based computerized database, offers a one month free trial that seems uninteresting until he mentions that an operator, always selected from a group of young women in their 20''s nick-named "Delta Ladies", will also be supplied in the trial period. Poo arrives at the one-man Aida Detective Agency with the Delta Mazelan ''F'' Series hardware. A dragon fish has been stolen by Tetsu Tobiyama and biologist Thomas Earwing seeks its return (the Super-Red variety is worth 10 million yen). The system fails to provide info about Tetsu, but Poo worms her way into a top secret file at Delta headquarters, finding that he supplies trained assassins for use worldwide. Searching tropical fish outlets where Tobiyama shops for supplies, Poo is led to Natsuro, living alone with fish tanks, one of which contains a dragon fish. This enigmatic young man is not only mysteriously attractive to Poo...

User Reviews
Shunji Iwai : an ardent follower of television film aesthetics ! ! ! ! !

by Lalit Rao (cpowerccc@yahoo.com) (Paris, France)
This is one of cult Japanese director Iwai Shunji''s early films.It was made when he was experimenting with form,style and content of his forthcoming films."Fried Dragon Fish" a one of those rare combinations seen in films which feature a computer,a fish and a detective.It must be mentioned that famous Japanese actor Asano Tadanobu is one of the biggest reasons for appreciating this film.This is a medium length film heavily based on television film aesthetics.All the colors,sets and decoration appear as if they have been lifted from a television studio.It is still not clear whether "Fried Dragon Fish" should be termed as a thriller as it lacks credible elements of thriller cinema.What we see in this film is a series of filmed images which are bathed in a meandering narrative.This is one of this film''s most relevant problematic issues.Influence of modern day America can be also be felt in this film as its protagonists'' borrow heavily from American ways of life.


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Shunji Iwai


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