Strokes to Seduction (2001) (ไม่มีบรรยาย)

Director:Jan Novak  Studio:Studio 2000 International  Running time:1 hr 24 min  Country:Czech Republic  Genre:Adult Gay Subtitle:None Starring:Ladislav Pekar, Jens Damm, Josef Sladek, Boris Tomek, Bruno Jorgov, Riky Mark, Alan Anthony, Michal Vlk, David Merkl















 Adult Only


Storyline :
The highest rating possible goes to Strokes to Seduction, the near-perfect feature film from Studio 2000 International. Director Novak gives director Duroy a run for his money in the "adorable foreign boy fuck flick" biz. He has assembled an A-1 cast who are not only beautiful, but can deliver the goods (including a deft handling of a narrative structure that differs from the norm) and seem to be having a great time while doing so. Hats off to Novak and to this awesome cast.

The story has something to do with an artist (Pekar) staying at some barn in the countryside to paint landscapes (whatever!). The point is that he is gorgeous and happens upon a cadre of other delectable Eastern European young specimens, each more eager than the last to get naked and get a mouth (or ass) full of uncut Euro-cock. What more could a viewer ask for?

As most of the sex scenes are outdoors the action begins with Pekar painting by the side of a creek. He begins to fantasize about the young boys swimming in their underpants. (Unbeknownst to Pekar the two gorgeous brown haired farm hands are already fantasizing about him!) He imagines the boys emerging from the river with raging hardons. Alas, as it is only in his artistic mind the two wait until they actually pitch their tent before, uh pitching their tents. The first sex scene begins with a dorky but cute sandy haired boy (Vlk) asking his skinny brunette friend (Anthony) for something to eat. Soon they are eating one another, but before the scene can venture into fucking both boys have shot loads of gigantic proportions.

This scene ends briefly but soon enough a different cast member - Merkl, a cute blonde with an uncut cock to write home to mom about - happens onto their campsite and asks Anthony if he is horny and would mind sucking him. Anthony begins sucking Merkl in what one might assume is going to be another quick oral, especially since both guys quickly blow their loads. However, this time the sex continues with Anthony topping the bigger Merkl in a nice bit of turnabout. Both boys blow again.

Another delicious scene features Mark and Damm who are not only teen idol adorable, but also look as if they could be brothers. These are the guys who want to seduce Pekar. In this scene they are back from a hard day working on the farm and decide that an outdoor romantic liaison is just what they need to cure the field workin blues. They look so great together it seems as if theyve been created strictly to complement one another. Playing with the narrative structure again Novak captures them shooting loads after sucking one another off, and just when it seems the vignette has ended Damm has bent Mark over a bench and has begun to fuck him in earnest.

Their fantasy quickly comes true when Pekar, whose blonde hair and gleaming eyes is in strict dichotomy to their dark good looks, happens upon them and drops trou. What ensues is a delightful threeway that concludes with Pekar and Damm shooting rope after rope of thick cream all over Mark. This is the stuff the replay button was created for.

The DVD features a cool photo gallery with still shots from the flick as well as slide shows of Sladek (whose striking eyes must be witnessed!) and Damm, cast bios with pictures, a cute little reel of bloopers/outtakes, trailers, contact information, chapter search, etc.

Fans of uncut cock, youthful beauty, outdoor romps, and passionate couplings will be in their full-on erect glory with this winner; you have to see this fucker to believe it. Every scene in Strokes to Seduction is highly enjoyable and well worth the time and money; put them all in the same movie and you have an item that needs to be in your collection.

-- Scott Templeton




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