Caesar''s Hardhat Gang Bang (2000)

Directer:Chi Chi LaRue Studio:Men of Odyssey  Running time:1 hr 30 min Country:US Language:English  Genre: Adult 

Subtitle:None Starring:Caesar, Richard Bangs, Mason Flynt, Stonie, Allan Sunn, Ryan Block, Dave Casino, Jeremy Tucker, Shahan

Caesar''s car breaks down at a construction site on the day the crew plans to make the new guy "one of them." As the initiation starts, the foreman eyes Caesar. He''s hot, sexy and only there for the crew, but it''s not their hats he wants hard!


Winner at the 2001 GayVN Video Awards:
Best Ethnic-Themed Gay Video

Fab directress Chi Chi LaRue serves up two of my favorite new guys - blonde muscle stud sexslut Ceasar, and that ripped-ab piece of gorgeous man Jeremy Tucker. Looking the fiercest I''ve yet seen them, Chi Chi lets you have it with this standard-yet-sleazy full-on gang fuck.

Caesar, the GayVN winner for performer of the year, with his washboard abs and hot-as-shit tats (that''s "tattoos", for all you vanilla fags) getting brutally fingered, and taking white, black and Latino cock from every angle (including a wicked double oral fuck) imaginable is enough to keep me home whackin'' for days. And one word describes the delectable Jeremy - "husband-material" (okay, so it''s a hyphenated word). A sleazy and nasty fuck flick. -Keeneye Reeves

From the liner notes,
courtesy of Men of Odyssey:
"Its hard luck for Caesar when his car breaks down in an industrial - and deserted - part of town. Hoping to use the phone, he unknowingly walks onto a construction site where the guys are planning to initiate new crew member Stonie and make him a man.

The stunned Caesar watches as Stonie is forced to service one huge cock after another. Hoping to join in on the action, muscle stud Caesar suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of bull meat from all eight guys! They take turns stuffing Caesars mouth with cock and using their tongues and fingers to pry open his ass. These hard-asses throw him back and take turns plowing his now willing ass. The action climaxes as the crew forces him to his knees and uses his hard, muscled body for their cum rag."



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