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Jin-Roh (1998)



กำกับ: Hiroyuki Okiura
สร้าง: Tsutomu Sugita, Hidekazu Terakawa
เขียนบท: Mamoru Oshii
นักแสดงYoshikatsu Fujiki, Sumi Mutou, Hiroyuki Kinoshita, Eri Sendai, Kenji Nakagawa,

               Yukio Hirota, Ryuichi Horibe, Yukihiro Yoshida, Yoshisada Sakaguchi
ดนตรี: Hajime Mizoguchi
ถ่ายภาพ: Hisao Shirai
ตัดต่อ: Shūichi Kakesu
เวลา: 102 minutes
ประเทศ: Japan
ภาษา: Japanese

แนว: Drama Action Thriller

Subtitle: English/ไทย


การ์ตูนยอดเยี่ยมจากค่าย Bandai ที่คว้ารางวัลจากหลายสถาบัน เนื้อหาหนักๆเข้มข้นจริงจังไม่แพ้หนังที่ใช้คนเล่นเลย หรืออาจเยี่ยมกว่าด้วยซ้ำ งานด้านภาพก็เยี่ยมสุดๆ

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade or simply Jin-Roh is a 1999 animated feature film directed by Hiroyuki Okiura. The film is the second adaptation of Mamoru Oshii''s Kerberos saga manga, Ken-Roh Densetsu, the first attempt being StrayDog: Kerberos Panzer Cops released in Japanese theaters in 1991.

เป็นผลงานของ โอชิอิ มาโมรุ และถูกนำไปฉายในงานเฟสติวัลภาพยนตร์ทั่วโลก โดยเริ่มที่อิตาลีเป็นประเทศแรกในงานแฟนตาสติกอนิเมชั่น จากนั้นก็ไปฉายที่เกาหลีและมาฉาย
ที่โปรตุเกต,เบลเยี่ยม,ที่ฝรั่งเศษ,แคนนาดาและอังกฤษและที่ญี่ปุ่นในฤดูใบไม้ร่วงปี 1999

หลายสิบปีหลังจากการพ่ายแพ้สงครามอย่างสิ้นเชิง ญี่ปุ่นสามารถหลุดพ้นจากการปกครองของทหาร และมีการพัฒนาตัวเองอย่างรวดเร็วเพื่อฟื้นฟูประเทศสู่สังคมนานาชาติด้วยการดำเนินนโยบายทางเศรษฐกิจที่กล้าแกร่งจนสามารถก่อตั้งกองกำลังรัฐบาลที่ต่อต้านการใช้อาวุธขึ้นมาได้ ซึ่งกองกำลังที่ว่านี้ประกอบด้วยหน่วยพิเศษต่างๆที่สังกัดคณะกรรมการรักษาความมั่นคง แห่งชาติ และหนึ่งในนั้นก็คือหน่วยที่มีชื่อว่า เคเบลอส เป็นหน่วยพิเศษ ติดอาวุธหนักที่ได้รับมอบหมายให้ปฏิบัติหน้าที่ครั้งสุดท้าย ฟุเสะ เป็นสมาชิกคนหนึ่งของหน่วยพิเศษ ได้พบกับ เค เธอเป็นคนของกองกำลังรัฐบาลและมีหน้าตาเหมือนกับ คนในกลุ่มองค์การใต้ดินที่ถูกระเบิดตายต่อหน้าฟุเสะ หลังจากที่ได้พบเค ฟุเสะก็เฝ้าคิดถึงเธอ ทำให้หัวใจของเขาเริ่มสั่นไหว ไม่แน่ใจระหว่างหน้าที่ และความเป็นมนุษย์..........



The movie opens in Tokyo with scenes of evening public antigovernment protests interspersed with an adolescent girl walking alone. This girl, Nanami Agawa, is revealed as a terrorist courier – nicknamed Little Red Riding Hood by the police – member of a guerrilla group known as "Sect". Her role is to deliver bombs in satchels, she makes her way to a delivery of one of the bombs to another Sect member hidden among regular protesters. The protest slowly turns into a riot, and the guerrilla flings the satchel bomb into the Self-Police lines, with the result that the Self-Police''s antiriot squad charges to break up the riot.


Behind the Self-Police line stands a backup force. Instead of regular water cannon trucks, rubber-bullet guns and riot sticks, the military police – bearing the Shutokei (首都警 "Metropolitan Police") emblem – is equipped with armoured vehicles and submachine guns. From his command post carrier, vice-chief Hajime Handa sums up the situation to an adjutant, this joint operation is under jurisdiction of the Self-Police, M.P. is not supposed to join until assistance is requested.

The courier makes her way next to pick up another satchel to deliver, and then goes through the drain system to her next delivery. On the way, she spots heavily armed military police''s 1st Assault Platoon – Panzer Cops – patrolling to find terrorists. She runs away. The Sect guerrillas moving equipment towards their next point are caught at a ladder up to the surface and they are slaughtered by the Panzer Cops when one, panicked, fires at the platoon.

The girl runs on for a while, until she is confronted by a Panzer Cop. The unexperienced brigadier is given an opening to shoot, though he is reluctant to open fire on an unarmed child and, as a result, hesitates for several seconds. The girl is afraid but determined; seeing she is caught, her only alternative is to blow herself up without warning. The brigadier survives the explosion solely because of his Protect-Gear and the quick actions of a fellow platoon member that tackled him prior to the blast. The brigadier takes off his mask after the smoke clears, and thus we are introduced to the main character, Kazuki Fuse. Meanwhile, above ground, the Self-Police (named "Metropolitan Police" in the English version) lose control of the riots after the lights go out – the power supply was cut by the explosion.

With the military police organization "Metropolitan Security Police" – aka "CAPO" for Capital Police in the English adaptation – embarrassed by the Kerberos unit''s failure, a trial is held by the National Public Safety Commission to determine why Kazuki didn''t fire. As a result, he is seen as the scapegoat and is sent back to the Kerberos academy for retraining, where he exhibits his skills. One day as he goes to visit the ashes of the suicide self-explosion victim, he meets a teenage girl, Kei, who claims to be the elder sister of the victim. They develop a casual relationship and spend time with each other, talking about leaving the city and starting a new life. Along the way, Fuse has nightmares about the incident in the sewers where he didn''t shoot – seeing the little girl morph into Kei and being caught and devoured by a pack of wolves (an allegory for the later revealed Jin-Roh members). Kei Amemiya is eventually revealed to not be the suicide bomber''s sister but instead a former bomb courier and a honey trap acting on behalf of the Kerberos''s rival division Public Security – administered by Bunmei Muroto –, although a rather unwilling one.

A trap is set up where Kei calls Kazuki one night to say that strange men are following her. It was in fact a Self-Police and military police respective Public Security divisions joint-operation with the purpose to discredit the Kerberos unit, showing a terrorist passing a satchel bomb to a Panzer Cop. Kazuki sneaks in, seizes Kei – neutralizing Self-Police agents – and gets out of the place with the military police Public Security agents in pursuit. Eventually they throw off their followers and settle down for a while in a closed amusement park to wait. There it''s shown that the relationship between Kei and Kazuki is more than just friendship after all (although it should be pointed that the love story revealing Kazuki''s human side wasn''t part of the original storyboard).

They make their way to the sewers once more, where other Jin-Roh members – a self-preservation secret unit among the Kerberos led by counter-intelligence former officer Hajime Handa – make their way to meet Kazuki and give him a full set of Protect-Gear, the Panzer Cop armor and weaponry, before getting out of the way with Kei in tow. The team leader is Hachiro Tobe, Kerberos academy instructor, who takes an electronic tracking device from Kei''s satchel.

After following the tracking device, Atsushi Henmi – Muroto''s subordinate and Kazuki''s academy mate – and a platoon of military police Public Security agents make their way to the sewers and attempt to find Kazuki, without realizing that they are heading into a trap. Aided by the Jin-Roh members, Kazuki, with Protect-Gear and MG42 machinegun, slaughters the agents, with their leader, Henmi, killed last.

Eventually, they end up at a junkyard. Kazuki is ordered by Tohbe to kill his beloved Kei – it was safer to have her dead because then she couldn''t be found by the Self-Police, and at the same time it would threaten the two Public Security divisions with the implications of Kei revealing her entire story – including the police-joint organized setup – to the press. Torn between his "human" feelings woke up by Kei and his loyalty to his pack - Jin-Roh aka the Wolf Brigade - Kazuki has to choose between the two. As Kei hugs him, tearfully quoting Little Red Riding Hood''s dialogue, Kazuki fires a single close-range heart shot at her, as revealed by the smoke rising from the barrel of his Mauser C96. Off in the distance another member of the Wolf Brigade is seen manually uncocking his C96 as he was aiming at the pair. Quoting the final passage of Charles Perrault''s Little Red Riding Hood version, the leader of the Wolf Brigade says, "...and then the Wolf ate up Little Red Riding Hood."


Fant-Asia Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1999 2nd place Best Asian Film
Hiroyuki Okiura

Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1999 Won Fantasia Section Award Best Film - Animation
Hiroyuki Okiura

International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award
Hiroyuki Okiura
Tied with Vassilis Mazomenos for Hrima - Mia mythologia tou Skotous, To (1998).
Nominated International Fantasy Film Award Best Film
Hiroyuki Okiura

Japanese Professional Movie Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2001 Won Special Award
Hiroyuki Okiura

Mainichi Film Concours
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
2000 Won Mainichi Film Concours Best Animated Film
Yoshiyuki Okiura




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