Brilliantlove (2010)

Director:Ashley Horner Producer:Ashley Horner, Karl Liegis Screenplay by:Sean Conway Music by:Sol Seppy

Cinematography:Simon Tindall  Edited by:Ben Wilson  Running time:97 min Country:UK Language:English  Subtitle:English 

Genre:Drama, Romance Starring:Nancy Trotter Landry ... Noon, Liam Browne ... Manchester / Old Man Chester,
Stephen Beardsley ... Jake
, Mike Elliott ... Comedian, Michael Hodgson ... Franny, Arabella Arnott ... Leah, Stephen Bent ... Noon''s Dad





Brilliantlove (2010)


In this poetic love story, Noon (Nancy Trotter Landry) is our narrator, a shy taxidermist who keeps a silent menagerie of fauna in the freezer alongside Manchesters (Liam Browne) ice pops. Manchester documents their affair, creating highly charged and wonderfully erotic images. There is no artificiality in his work, just an instinctive technique, a couple of cheap instamatic cameras and a willing girlfriend.

In a garage on a wasteland, Noon and Manchester have made a home and are spending their first summer together. They are happy to detach themselves from the outside world as much as possible, allowing them to explore each other and indulge their passions. In their space away from other distractions, their appetite and attraction for each other is intensified. How will their relationship fare when they step out of this cocooned environment?

Tension is never far from the surface, and things are exacerbated when Manchester is seduced by a lucrative offer that takes him away from Noon and the world they share. Franny, a wealthy pornographer and connoisseur of erotica, launches Manchesters photography in the art world; Manchesters success destroys the beauty of their once idyllic life. His downfall is as rapid as his rise.

All the characters are linked thematically via Erotology; the study of sexual love and lovemaking.