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Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (1992-1994) (3แผ่นจบ)



Directer:Nikolai Serebryakov, Natalya Orlova, Efim Gamburg, Mariya Muat, Alexei Karayev,
Robert Sahakyants, Aida Ziablikova, Stanislav Sokolov, Yuri Kulakov
 Producer:S4C for the BBC  Story:William Shakespeare (Play) Running time:310 mins    Country:UK  Language:English  Genre:Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance  Subtitle: English







directed by Nikolai Serebryakov
Brian Cox: Macbeth
Zoë Wanamaker: Lady Macbeth.
Alec McCowen: Narrator
Laurence Payne: Duncan
Patrick Brennan: Banquo
Clive Merrison: MacDuff
Mary Wimbush, Val Lonsaine

and Emma Gregory: Witches
David Acton: Malcolm
Richard Pearce: Donalbain
John Baddeley: Lennox





directed by Natalya Orlova
Nicholas Farrell: Hamlet
John Shrapnel: Claudius/

The King
Tilda Swinton:Ophelia.
Michael Kitchen: Narrator
Susan Fleetwood: Gertrude
John Warner: Polonius
Andrew Wincott: Laertes
Dorien Thomas: Horatio



Romeo and Juliet

directed by Efim Gamburg
Linus Roache: Romeo
Clare Holman: Juliet
Jonathan Cullen: Benvolio
Felicity Kendal: Narrator
Brenda Bruce: Nurse
Greg Hicks: Mercutio/Prince Scalus
Brendan Charlson: Tybaldo
Gerald Green: Fray Laurence/Fray John
Charles Kay: Mr. Capuletus/Mr. Montescus
Maggie Steed: Lady Capuletus/Lady Montescus





directed by Nikolai Serebryakov
Colin McFarlane: Othello
Gerard McSorley: Iago
Philip Franks: Cassio
Sian Thomas: Desdemona
Dinah Stabb: Emilia/Bianca
Terry Dauncey: Brabantio
Ivor Roberts: Duke/Lodovico
Simon Ludders: Roderigo
Philip Bond: Narrator




Twelfth Night

directed by Mariya Muat
Rosemary Leach: Narrator
Fiona Shaw: Viola
Roger Allam: Orsino
Suzanne Burden: Olivia
Gerald James: Malvolio
William Rushton: Sir Toby Belch
Stephen Tompkinson: Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Alice Arnold: Maria
Stefan Bednarczyk: Feste
Hugh Grant: Sebastian




As You Like It

directed by Alexei Karayev
Sylvestra Le Touzel: Rosalind
David Burke: Narrator
María Miles: Celia/Audrey
Garald Green: Duke Senior/Adam
Peter Gunn: Touchstone/Messenger
Nathaniel Parker: Oliver/Jacques
David Holt: Silvius/Hymen
Christopher Benjamín: Duke Frederick/Corin
Eiry Thomas: Phoebe
Stefan Bernarczyk: Amiens



A Midsummer Night''s Dream

directed by Robert Sahakyants
Daniel Massey: Oberon
Bernard Hill: Nick Bottom
Peter Postlethwaite: Peter Quince
Menna Trussler: Narrator
Suzanne Bertish: Titania
Anthony Jackson: Puck
Abigail McKern: Hermia
Kim Wall: Lysander
Kathryn Pogson: Helena
Charles Millham: Demetrius
Anna Linstrum and Lorraine Cole: Fairies




Taming of the Shrew

 directed by Aida Ziablikova
Amanda Root: Kate
Nigel Le Vaillant: Petruchio
Malcolm Storry: Nathaniel/Sly
Manon Edwards: Bianca
Gerald James: Baptista
Lawmary Champion: Hostess/Widow
Hilton McRae: Hortensio/Peter
Richard Pearce: Lucentio
Big Mick: Narrator



The Winter''s Tale

directed by Stanislav Sokolov
Anton Lesser: Leontes
Jenny Agutter: Hermione
Sally Dexter: Paulina
Michael Kitchen: Polixenes
Adrienne O''Sullivan: Perdita
Stephen Tompkinson: Autolycus
Philip Voss: Shepherd/Judge
Simon Harris: Shepherd''s son/Servant
Jonathan Tafler: Camillo
Timothy Bateson: Antigonus
Jonathan Firth: Florizel
Spike Hood: Shepherd''s young son
Hywel Nelson Mamillius
Roger Allam: Narrator




Richard III,

directed by Natalya Orlova
Antony Sher: Richard III
Alec McCowen: Narrator
Eleanor Bron: Duchess of York
Tom Wilkinson: Duke of Buckingham
James Grout: Catesby/Bishop of Ely
Sorcha Cusack: Queen Elizabeth
Suzanne Burden: Anne
Stephen Thorne: Lord Hastings/Cardinal Bourchier
Michael Maloney: George, Duke of Clarence/Norfolk
Spike Hood: Prince Edward
Hywel Nelson: Duke of York
Patrick Brennan: Richmond/Second Murderer
Philip Bond: Tyrrel
Brendan Charleson: First Murderer/Messenger



Julius Caesar

directed by Yuri Kulakov
Joss Ackland: Julius Caesar
Hugh Quarshie: Cassius
Jim Carter: Mark Anthony
David Ropp: Brutus
Judith Sharp: Portia
Peter Woodthorpe: Casca
Andrew Wincott: Narrator/Octavius
Frances Tomelty: Calphurnia
Tony Leader: Cinna, Decius
Dillewgn Owey: Soothsayer/Trebonius
John Miers: Lucius





directed by Stanislav Sokolov
Timothy West: Prospero
Alun Armstrong: Caliban
Martin Jarvis: Narrator
Ella Mood: Ariel
Katy Behean: Miranda
Jonathan Tafler: Ferdinand
John Moffatt: Alonzo
James Greene: Gonzalo
Sion Probert: Sebastian
Peter Guinness: Antonio
Ric Jerrom: Trinculo
Stephen Thorne: Stephano

Special Features


รางวัล:Won 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 3 wins

BAFTA Awards, Wales
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1994 Won BAFTA Cymru Award Best Animation (Yr Animeiddio Gorau)
Dave Edwards 
CableACE Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1994 Won CableACE Entertainment Host
Robin Williams 
(Home Box Office (HBO)). 
Emmy Awards
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1996 Won Emmy Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation
Nataliya Dabizha (animator) 
For episode "The Winter''s Tale".
1993 Won Emmy Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation
Sergei Glagolev (animator) 
Norosyolov, Demitri (animator) 
For episode "Hamlet".
Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation
Kotor, Peter (production designer) 
Demidova, Natalia (production designer) 
For episode "Hamlet".
San Francisco International Film Festival
Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
1997 Won Silver Spire Television - Children''s Programs
Renat Zinnurov 
For episode "The Winter''s Tale".


Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (also known as The Animated Shakespeare) comprised two six-part television series, first broadcast in 1992 and 1994. Each episode was an animated half-hour adaptation of one of Shakespeare''s plays.
The series was commissioned by BBC Wales for the Welsh language channel S4C (although it was commissioned in English). Production was co-ordinated by the Dave Edwards Studio in Cardiff, and executed by well-known Russian directors and animators in Moscow. The scripts were written by children''s author Leon Garfield, using mainly Shakespearian language. The academic consultant was professor Stanley Wells.
For the English-language version, the productions generally used British actors for the voices, including Hugh Grant. A Russian dubbing was recorded afterwards. After the success of the first series, the voice actors in the second series tended to be "bigger names".
The series was noted for its wide range of animation techniques. The animation was done completely in Moscow at Christmasfilms Studio, by a selection of Russia''s most renowned animators. Other animated adaptations produced by the same team include Operavox (1995) and The Canterbury Tales (1998–2000).
In the United States, the series aired on HBO and was hosted by Robin Williams.

w.s has never been told so well for kids the animation is beautiful especially T.V. 12TH night which stars the voice of Hugh grant these films are hard to get your hands on now but the globe theater does still sell a few of them made in Moscow these videos are priceless. you can also buy the books which are also in short supply, but again odd places still sell them.well done to the team of artists that made these videos they are stunning

Shakespeare: The Animated Tales. I admit that the title of this collection made me raise my eyebrows, especially when I learned that the "tales" are all 25-minute pieces. Bite-sized Shakespeare! Is this a respectable, if off-beat, handling of the Bard''s work, or is it yet another concession to the limited attention span of the MTV generation?

The twelve tales that are presented here represent a broad cross-section of Shakespeare''s work. We get tragedies (Macbeth, Othello, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet), comedies (A Midsummer Night''s Dream, As You Like It, The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night), history (Richard III) and two that don''t easily fit in a genre (The Tempest, A Winter''s Tale). Each is animated by different artists, with techniques that range from cel animation to stop-motion puppets to paint on glass. The result is a truly varied assortment of miniature plays.

It''s no easy task to condense plays that would have run close to four hours in the original to a mere twenty-five minutes, and the tales here display varying degrees of success in making the adaptation. Some, like Romeo and Juliet, work reasonably well with the story pared down to its fundamental elements, while others, like The Tempest, end up feeling confusing and fractured. Not surprisingly, it''s the stories with the strongest basic narrative impulse that fare the best here.

You might ask what''s left that can be rightfully called "Shakespeare" when the play is condensed this far. In fact, the makers of the Animated Tales have shown quite a bit of respect for the original material. While the voiceover summaries of key plot and character points (which are essential, since so much is omitted) have been written specifically for these tales, all the actual dialogue within the tales is the genuine article, taken directly from the plays. That''s what makes these little pieces work to the extent that they do: it''s bite-sized Shakespeare indeed, but it''s still recognizably Shakespeare.

As for the overall effect... well, as someone who loves Shakespeare, I think I''ll stick to full-length adaptations of his work. These little pieces are interesting more in their ambition, and as a showcase for their animation, than as actual, successful short films. However, they''re probably just the ticket for educators or parents who are interested in exposing young viewers to the greatest playwright in the English language; they''re reasonably accessible for a younger audience without being patronizing. It''s always a good thing to be familiar with stories that provide so many cultural references, and it''s likely that someone who was intrigued by one of these stories might go on to watch longer versions or read the original. Adult viewers who are aficionados of animation will also find this set of interest, since it showcases quite a diverse group of styles.




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