Goldenrod (2003)

Director:Derek Kent Studio:Studio 2000  Running time:1 hr 27 min  Country: USA Language: English  Genre:Adult Gay 

Subtitle:None Starring: Sam Tyson, Johnny Brosnan, Cody Foster, Jim Slade, Sal Correlli, Paul Johnson, Park Wiley,

Brad Hanson, Ryan Alexander, Antonio Marquez, Non-Sexual: Critt Davis, Doug Jeffries


 หนังเกย์สำหรับผู้ใหญ่ Adult Only จาก Studio2000 ดีวีดีแผ่นนี้เป็นแผ่นที่พิเศษมากๆ เพราะมีเบื้องหลังการถ่ายทำอยู่ในเมนูของแผ่น ซึ่งประกอบไปด้วยฉากหลุดฉากฮา ที่สนุกไม่แพ้ตัวหนัง และนอกจากนั้นในแผ่นยังมีเมนู Gallery, Cast Bios ต่างๆ ครบถ้วนจุใจไม่มีตัดทอนสำหรับเพื่อนๆนักสะสมครับผม
หมายเหตุ: หนังจากค่ายStudio2000 จะบินตรงมาอยู่ในเวปอีกเพียบครับผม 555


No, Goldenrod isnt another Austin Powers spoof, though the title certainly out-sasses Goldmember for sheer multiple entendre power.

The titular Goldenrod, a magnificent gilded dildo forged way, way back in 1939, is the prized possession of a dying old man. Frightfully, its been stolen, so the old coot hires two private dicks (Johnny Brosnan and Sam Tyson) to retrieve it.

Equipped with a map and warnings about a desolate mausoleum, the two detectives split up to canvas the old mans sprawling estate in search of the famed 24-carat ass-plunger. Johnny quickly spies a duo beneath a tree, picnicking on each others plump cocks. Buff blondie Brad Hanson gives lusty Latino Antonio Marquez girthy hooded tool a full deep-suck workover, before sliding his own throb-rod down Antonios eager throat. Soon Antonio spit-shines Brads furry hole and pile-drives his ample tool deep inside, right there out in the open.

Meanwhile, Sam checks out the studio, where he sneaks up on - and soon disrupts - a photo shoot. The photographer (Cody Foster) is clicking away at an adorably scrumptious young krimpet (Ryan Alexander) when he asks his sexy subject to "get it hard". Ryan retorts with a deliciously coy "can you help me?", and in an instant every cock in the house - including yours - is standing at rigid attention.

Sam knocks over a prop wall, briefly embarrassing himself as hes caught peeping, and then with another diabolically innocent "can you help me?" invitation from puppy-dog-cute Ryan, he joins the fray. Suddenly three-way! Largely hung Ryan makes exquisite love to Codys muscled ass, then Ryan slides his fat piece of boy meat into Sams offered heinie, his plump young nads swinging and bumping against the underside of the private eyes raided pink eye. Sam winds up covered in a triple splatter of vanilla goo.

Oh, but theres more to come. The detectives espy some high-suction fellatio in a deep-woods shack between blond jock hunk Park Wiley and his lusty playmate Sal Corelli.

Then, off in that mausoleum, its revealed that two beefy muscle daddies (Jim Slade and Paul Johnson) have the elusive Goldenrod and they plan to use some of its great power during a sex ritual. After a sixty-nine slurp job right there on the stone-cold mausoleum floor, Jim sweatily pounds Pauls caboose. No sooner does their man lava spurt when Sam and Johnny, whove been watching all along, abscond with the shimmering golden cock.

Before returning the Goldenrod to its rightful owner, Sam and Johnny have a frisky twirl with it. After much mutual sucking and slurping and sliding of their impressive cocks, Johnny administers the lubricated Goldenrod to Sams puckering clench hole. Thoughtfully, they wipe it clean before handing it over to the old man whos got his own plans for its administration. Goldenrod''s fine technical values and meat-wielding cast of superb hotties assure a full-on 24-carat boner!

-- Beef Stroganoff


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